It is the first full day of camp

Happy Monday!

So far today:

We got up, we had breakfast, we cleaned our cabins (mostly successfully!), spent some time in Deuteronomy (we called it the prequel to Joshua!) in Tabernacle, found out about our activities of the day, had our first two activities, and now we are about to leave lunch. Phew!

The fog has been super intense today, but it hasn’t rained too much or been too hot. All of the activities were able to happen as planned so far today: Hebrew, Craft, Claymation, Outdoor Adventure, and Archery. This afternoon we have: Hebrew, Craft, Boating, Rockwall, Artsy Fun, Basketball, Soccer, First Aid, and Drama Games. It is going to be a great day!

We postponed the first campfire due to intense rain last night. Please pray that we would have clear skies when we need them today and this week and that we would be able to have campfire as planned tonight. Thanks!